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Office Miyazaki, Inc.

10 million yen
Hisako Miyazaki



102 Terrace House Yoga, 2-41-13 Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0097

TEL +81 3-5716-6601 FAX +81 3-5716-6602


Founded as Miyazaki’s private office in a corner of the shopping arcade at Kuhonbutsu Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line. Projects include translation, interpreting, research for foreign magazines, and writing book reviews.


Office Miyazaki, Inc. established on 11 June. Projects include commercial translation, book translation, research for foreign magazines, and support for overseas companies.


Book translation projects gradually begin to increase.


Our complete Japanese translation of the three-volume United States Japan Expedition by Commodore Matthew C. Perry is released by the Eikoh Institute of Culture and Education.


Kokology: Game of Self Discovery (Simon & Schuster) marks our first translation and localization of a Japanese text into English. It is subsequently translated into 19 other languages and continues to sell around the world.


Translated renowned wine expert Robert M. Parker’s massive 1,670 page Bordeaux, Third Edition into Japanese for publication by Kodansha. Also produced Japanese translations of Parker’s Wines of the Rhone Valley (for Banraisha) in 2000, Bordeaux, Fourth Edition (for Bijutsu Shuppan) in 2004, and The World’s Greatest Wine Estates (for Kawade Shobo Shinsha) in 2006.


Provided rapid turnaround for the English translation of Takashi Murakami’s Superflat (Madora Shuppan), the origins of the strong track record we have gone on to establish for English translations of art-related material.


Began a six-volume series of Japanese translations of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, Vol. 1: 28 Barbary Lane at a time before LGBT issues were widely recognized in Japan.


Through work for Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS), we have helped introduce the latest in Japanese contemporary art to an overseas audience through English translation.


Translation and production of Office Miyazaki’s first book co-production, the Japanese version of Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth, leads to more than a dozen similar coffee-table book co-productions.


As a liaison for Bento Books Inc., established by a group of American translators, we assist in the translation and publication of Japanese genre fiction.


Have handled the English translations for titles such as Ryoko Sasa’s Saving the Mill, Hiroshi Tsukakoshi’s Tree-ring Management: Take the Long View and Grow Your Business Slowly, Donald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro’s The People and Culture of Japan, and Kazuhiko Komatsu’s An Introduction to Yokai Culture for the Japanese government’s Japan Library English-language publishing initiative.

Affiliated Company

Bento Books

Bento Books is a publishing company specializing in translations of Japanese fiction.

Bento Books was founded to bring contemporary Japanese fiction to new audiences with an emphasis on titles overlooked by traditional publishers. Japan is a cultural juggernaut, yet the vast majority of its novels and manga remain inaccessible to the English-speaking world. We believe that many of these hidden gems would thrive in the West if skillfully translated.

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